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Trip Planning New

Design a custom trip plan, based on travelers interests, budget and duration of stay.


Curate thematic tours and interesting activities to help travelers see the true side of your city.

Services New

Provide travelers with insider access and assistance to arrangements and everyday tasks in your city.

Be part of a Global Travel Marketplace

Dopios is a growing community with savvy locals who
design, host and share personalised travel experiences
with curious travelers!


Express Yourself Out Loud

Meet like-minded people, effortlessly, from all around the globe, be a traveler along with travelers in your own city and converse on all that you love!

Earn More Than You Might Think

Capitalize on your local knowledge, your expertise, your skills and passions, get hired by travelers and make some extra cash to fuel your dreams!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can create a dopios profile?

People who know their stuff!
Anyone who has local knowledge, access and expertise to an experience worth-sharing! That might be people who are born-and-raised locals, or people who happen to know the destination like the back of their hands. If you have that tacit knowledge and you are up to making connections with similar-minded people while earning some extra cash, it’s time to join us!

How do i get paid?

Dopios will credit your verified PayPal account. You first have to add your Paypal Account by visiting your Account page. If you do not have a Paypal account, please go to https://www.paypal.com/ and sign up. Paypal is the safest way to give and receive payments over the internet.

What can i sell as a dopios?

You can select up to 3 travel services offered at dopios marketplace, according to your relevant knowledge, skills and passions.

Trip Planning: a thorough step by step guide for travelers who care for complete travel itineraries.

Experiences: that stand for “pret -a- porter” tours and activities of what you love doing and where you love being locally.

Services: can assist travellers with various travel arrangements like bookings, reservations, transportation, recommendations.