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About Dimitris

All my life in Athens, Greece
Member since: Apr 26, 2012
I'm here to help you make the most out of your trip to Athens with tips, advices and spot on tours! It's a city of controversies, an intricate and alluring amalgam of historical periods. Lets go and discover this unique blend of decadence and beauty together! As for me I'm not much into typical nightlife such as clubbing, I enjoy far more a nice long walk shared with good company. I love to read,write, and create things with my hands, all in the old fashioned way.
Arts, Books, handcrafting, writing, long walks and good talks and last but not least gaming!
Germany, England and most of Greece
Studied Philology and Linguistics and became a bookbinder
Bookbinder (also; toolmaker and leatherworker)
I'm available all days except Monday and Thursday! (Please contact me a few days in advance)

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Experiences curated by Dimitris


    The Search for Flavor


    Flat Rate

    1 to 3 people

    3 hour(s)

    We've all been through it; visiting a new place and bumping onto faux-folk taverns at touristic locations where prices are even worse than the food served... If that rings a familiar bell allow the local to take the wheel! In my never-ending search for new flavors I've discovered a few places in Athens that offer a combination of great dishes, good prices and a pleasant atmosphere to accompany them. If you want to taste excellent cuisine, in most cases based on traditional Greek recipes that are often not without a daring touch, let me take you to certain wonderful restaurants or taverns! Having tried most of the dishes I'll help you choose and provide meaningful conversation regarding all the things you want to know about Greece!


    A walk to Anafiotika



    1 to 4 people

    2 hour(s)

    Take this special tour and immerse yourself in the heart of Athens! The tour begins at Monastiraki, a key point in the historical city center, and runs a full circle. In a 2 hour walk you will explore the oldest district in urban Europe, see numerous monuments from ancient and recent history and learn some of the stories that gave this city its unique personality. If you love taking pictures you will be amply rewarded! Highlight of the tour is Anafiotika, a neighborhood elusive yet incredibly picturesque, that will take you back to the middle of the 19th century, a place which you can only find if lost or with the help of local! Discover the many historical faces of Athens in this relaxed walk through its eras!

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Reviews for Dimitris

Based on 3 reviews
Overall Rating
Grant S. Profile Tiny Picture 5.0 out of 5 stars
1 year ago
My wife and I took "The Stroll" with Dimitris on our first day in Athens and it was a great way to get oriented to downtown Athens and to learn our way around. Dimitris was able to answer any of our questions and we learned about mythology, history, and current events from him. He also modified "The Stroll" to customize it to some of our interests and added a few extra stops along the way. We would highly recommend Dimitris for anyone who has not been to Greece before.
Completed experiences: The stroll
Shelly S. Profile Tiny Picture 3.0 out of 5 stars
1 year ago
We had a wonderful time with Dimitris who had been referred by a friend. We started our stroll at a fascinating archeological site and continued through a beautiful park where my husband and he hiked up an interesting route to the Acropolis. His knowledge of history and love of the city were absolutely evident. We felt that he gave us a walking tour that made us feel like we were explorers and not rushed tourists. Our memories of the city are all lovely because of Dimitris. He gets our total endorsement! Shelly S. June 2014
Completed experiences: The stroll
Chin H. Profile Tiny Picture 5.0 out of 5 stars
10 months ago
We had the privilege of a private tour conducted by Dimitris. It's was informative, non-touristy and be shown the Athenian side that one can never find on their own. It was a great experience that a few will have a chance to try.
Completed experiences: Reserved- Custom experience